Project Introduction

Sometime life explores the meaning of words beyond translation. It’s the level where the very human existence finds a new expression of beauty. You are about to experience a world that is a reflection of your deep desire and that illustrates the element of beauty in an entirely different perspective. Welcome the elegance to your life,a world full of possibilities where everyday life has many reasons to soak in the real beauty of life. It’s not all,still there are things that are better experienced than read. It’s something you need to see,touch and feel. After all what is life without exploration ?.

The Elegance is an open world that gives a sense of fulfillment and helps you in embracing the freedom of living special. There are views that amaze you and there are opportunities that offer you a promise to live a life that is beautiful and inspiring. Outer world of The Elegance is liberating and here you tend to lose track of time. We believe that the best moments of life are the moments beyond the periphery of time.

Location Advantage

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Pratap Nagar & Jagatpura is the epicenter of the Pink City’s real estate revolution. The Elegance is located in the most desirable location of Pratap Nagar, Kumbha Marg that makes it both a perfect place to live and even a better place to invest. Every place of importance in the city is conveniently connected to The Elegance. It is an address that is a distinction in itself.

  • Located on 200’ wide road
  • Just 5 minute drive to Jaipur International Airport
  • 2 minute drive to Tonk Road
  • JDA garden on the front and sector garden in the rear
  • 40’ Wide Rear Side Road

Lifestyle Amenities

Unit Plan

Floor Plan

Stilt & Terrace Plan